DNA-Blast Technology


Everyone who has experienced once in his or her life blast design has realized how challenging it is. Especially nowadays where environmental constraints come in addition to technical requirements, designing a blast that will give good fragmentation, the perfect muck pile shape, no fly rock, controlled vibrations and no back breaks may not be easy to achieve the first time. Of course, if you combine experience, rules of thumb and some basic equations via trial and error, you will discover the set of parameters at the end of a day.

The environment or the context of a blast constantly changes, so all the parameters need to be adjusted on a continuous basis to maintain the proper result.

DNA-Blast Technology is the results of 18 years of research in explosive and rock breaking mechanisms that contribute to this goal as well as a tool based on this to support blast design.

The “DNA-Blast” Technology is based on the fact that the outcome of a blast is the result of elementary functions (called genes). The way they are combined and their proportions produce the blast result exactly like a biological creature that is the assembly of certain genes.

Understanding these genes and how they interact permits us to create a software tool that can calculate all the blast parameters necessary to achieve expected blasting results with only five key clicks or accurately predict all the effect of the blast.

Can you believe it?

Dr Thierry BERNARD


I-Blast combines 
cutting-edge features with 
powerful technology of X-Blast SImulator 
to deliver a unique blast design solution for the mining industry

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DNA-Blast Technology

Blast Designing Made Easy


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