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DNA-Blast Services

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The easy way to to benefit from DNA-Blast Technology

DNA-Blast Services is a unique service provided by T.B.T engineers and is organized as follow :


Web Timing Design for E.D.D.

  1. Use the potential of your Electronic Detonators

  2. Maximize the ROI

This exceptional support formula is unique and provides you the state of the art of timing design for any type of blast. Your data are processed by a TBT Blast Design engineer, with experience in your type of mine and blasting operation

  1. STEP 1 : initial set up (1 hour of your time)
        - I-Blast model set up (geology, topography, explosive)
        - Signature hole measurement
        - Data collection procedure

  2. STEP 2 : timing design (15 minutes of your time)


  1. Go straight to the point

  2. Benefit from International Experience

This support formula is highly successful. Those who have tried it generally come back for more! The formula involves an experienced Blast Design engineer, with experience in your type of mine and blasting operation, being placed at your disposal for a few days.

The support formula produces maximum efficiency when you are in a process of optimizing blast design.

TBT engineer will use his international experiences to advise you on the best blasting parameters and practices to achieve your blasting objectives. I will show you how to make the most of I-Blast software to support your project.

Whatever the service you require, feel free to contact TBT. We will make every effort to find the best solution.

Assistance duration is from 1 to 5 days: on your site.

Price: 1.200 € / day (excl. VAT),

not including travelling and accommodations expenses (flights exceeding 5 hours are booked on business class)


Near field Signature Hole Analysis

  1. Near field analysis (takes into account blasting pattern configuration, hole location , number of holes, hole loading)

  2. Provide you the optimum timing sequence among a range of Inter Hole delay and Inter Row Delay explored

  3. Optimized Explosive Energy Release

Far Field Signature hole analysis and pre blast design

  1. Far field analysis (takes into account average number of hole per row and average number of rows)

  2. Give you the best trend for Inter Row Delay and Inter Hole Delay