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LOS PELAMBRES Mine - Chile - 2001

Improving Fragmentation fragments percentage below 1”4 of 5% could generate USD 25 M saving in a year !

LAFARGE CIMENT Contes - France - 1992-2002

Vibration level has been divided by six (6) over the last 10 years and maintained at a very low level using Vibraseq module. This allows Lafarge to maintain open the site in an urban environment.

DTP - Hong Kong - 1997

Excavation of 1 million tons per month to create a new highway in Honk Kong area. A nice challenge where our know-how and technology helped to come back on schedule saving millions of dollars.

20 years of Experience in Explosive and Blasting optimization to support your challenges

With 20 years of experience in blasting all over the world, we have developed a unique blast design technology that is able to predict the effects of a whole blast (fragmentation, vibration, fly-rocks) taking into account more than 40 key parameters of your blast.

Direct benefits are :

  1. Objectifs on target thanks to the capability of selecting the right blast design based on predicted results

  2. Cost savings because you will never be surprised by the result of your blast and you won’t have  to pay for consequences (vibration, slope damage, fly-rocks,...)

  3. Streamline of your mining process

Below on this page, some past experience to give you a feel of how our technology and know-how can contribute to generate or save money.

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