Point Cloud

Create and manage your blast design

The quick and affordable way to create blast design, I-Blast Standard is the ideal solution for blaster or mining engineers. Create your own blast design using versatile tools. Easily import surveyed drilling pattern from from standard survey programs or just use the included pre-built content to get started fast!

The all-in-one blast design tool for professionals!

Is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to standard Excel spread sheet when analysing a blast design. With an powerful visual interface loaded with pre-rigged analysis functionalities, I-Blast Professional delivers advanced analysis tools to speed up your workflow and design more efficient blasts.

New functionalities

For the most versatile and powerful blasting design solution !

Whether you are a mining engineer designing blasts everyday, a manager looking for a better control of blasting operation or a blaster starting out learning how to improve blast design, DNA-Blast Software has the right tools for you.

The predicting blast design effect tool for mining engineers!

Is perfect for mining engineers looking for a more efficient alternative to standard statistics predicting models when designing a blast. With an powerful simulation engine running advanced blasting mechanisms, I-Blast Simulation delivers incredible readable and realistic output for vibration, fragmentation distribution and fly-rock to avoid you surprises at blasting time.

The optimizing blast design tool for a million dollar benefit!

A unique reverse engineering tool for mining engineers looking for optimizing blast on a daily basis. With the «Objective To Design,» concept, I-Blast Advanced delivers optimized initiation sequence for Electronic Delayed Detonators based on required objectives (fragmentation, vibration, muck pile shape) to help you to maximize your profit or you savings link to blasting. Imagine the benefits of having a better fragmentation, less vibration, controlled fly-rock or more stable slope...

Blasting Simulation for a Million Dollar Benefit

 Visualize all your blast in 3D
 3D face profil importation
 line drawing feature

 Photo field in the database
 Versatile CAD functionalities for creating drilling pattern from scratch 
 Import ore grade with drilling pattern for selective blasting
 Delete Blast functionality
 Delete Site functionality
 Wire holes with anchor point to by-pass holes
 Share your blast design via email with a colleague
 Explosive database available for all site
 Share explosive data base via email with a colleague
 Editing loading hole document for creating field documents.
 Imperial unit management
 Grid display with standard maps label
 NEW Cloud of points management
 And more...

I-Blast PRO
 I-Blast Design Express +
 Automatic Single Hole analysis
 One hole cast simulation
 Air blast prediction
 One hole fragmentation simulation
 Fragmentation measurement by image analysis

 CSV importation module for drilling pattern with down hole importation
 DIRECT SEISMOGRAPH file reading and importation
 Hole deviation importation
 Statistical overlaps analysis including deck charges
PPV prediction at any location using attenuation law
 overlaps analysis on a sliding x ms window. Direct timing adjustment
 filtering module for seismic record (low, heigh, band and reject)
 compliance module for seismic records
 automatic dominant frequency analysis module
 automatic electronic timing design using contour timing
 Store and manage 10 timing scenario
 NEW 2D profile from cloud of points
And more...

I-Blast SIM
 I-Blast PRO + 
 Fragmentation distribution    model for the whole blast (better resolution for fine and boulders, deal with various hole depth, includes in situ cracks)
 Air blast model
 Damage simulation
 Muck pile prediction
 Vibration map
(direct PPV reading from signature hole)

 file importation for fragmentation calibration
 PPV prediction at any location in near field using frequency domain
 Blast waveform prediction 
 Frequency spectrum prediction
 Automatic dominant frequency analysis
 NEW Critical profile from cloud of points
 Energy distribution
 NEW Burden Heat Map
 NEW Smart Hole Loading 
And more...


I-Blast ADV
 I-Blast SIM + 
 Initiation sequence optimization module
 Frequency optimization module
 P wave velocity automatic calculation
 Single Hole deconvolution module
automatic electronic timing design according to blast requirement (fragmentation, vibration, muck-pile shape)

 Burden and spacing optimization module
And more...

I-BLAST 7 is fully compatible with
                                                      (direct importation from seismograph, reading native files)

Seamless quantification

of fragmentation to
Improve mining process

Advanced DNA_Frag module, takes into account:

  1. Burden, spacing, face geometry

  2. Rock mechanical characteristics

  3. Explosive hole loading and explosive behavior

  4. Hole angle

Raw or fitted data

Real size estimation

Calibration module
Fragmentation Image Analysis

  1. bmp, tiff, jpeg, png supported

Automatic or Manual set up

Numerous data available:

  1. Size min and max, X10, X25, X50, X75, X90, Custom X

Multiple image compilation

Export data to Excel

Graphic display

Cast Simulation
Greatly reduce fly-rock potential

Advanced DNA-Cast module, takes into account:

  1. Burden, spacing, face geometry

  2. Rock mechanical characteristics

  3. Explosive hole loading and explosive behavior

  4. Hole angle

  5. Air Deck Loading

Muck-Pile shape prediction

Customized free face

Cratering visualization

Calibration module

  1. Horizontal fly rock range

  2. Vertical fly rock range

Critical burden displayed

Ejection speed

Graphic display

Up to 70% PPV reduction without decreasing charge per delay

Far Field Signature Hole Analysis

Simultaneous Multiple Point Signature Hole Analysis

Automatic Timing Calculation

  1. Inter Deck delay

  2. Inter Hole Delay

  3. Inter Row  Delay

Advanced FFT and Filtering

Predict PPV, Frequencies and Waveform at any location, takes into account:

  1. Drilling pattern (X,Y,Z)

  2. Hole Explosive Loading

  3. Rock characteristics

Animate initiation sequence

  1. Overlap analysis

  2. Auto. Attenuation Law (K,)

Limit Air blast level
less complaints

Unique Air Blast model, based :

  1. Air over pressure wave interferences

  2. Single hole air blast record

  3. Initiation sequence

  4. Hole explosive loading

  5. Wind speed and direction

Multiple Point Prediction

Air blast dB shape visualization

Calibration factor

Visual Wave Interferences

Download brochureI-Blast_Software_files/I-Blast%207.5%20brochure_EN_A_HQ_1.pdf
  1. Cloud of Points

  2. Critical Profile

  3. Energy Distribution

  4. Burden Heat Map

  5. PPV Heat Map

  6. And more....