I-Blast SIM(Simulation)


I-Blast SIM (Simulation) includes I-Blast STD, I-Blast PRO and X-Blast Simulator. The only blasting effect simulator that takes into account more than 40 key parameter to simulate the effect of a full blast design such as:

  1. BulletFragmentation control

  2. BulletVibration control

  3. BulletSlope stability

  4. BulletFly rock control

  5. Bulletand more...

DNA-Blast Software is an blasting effect simulator that helps you to optimise in real time your blasting design. This could bring you substantial benefits to achieve your objectives.

  1. BulletDNA-Blast software uses as input data:

  2. Rock properties,

  3. Explosive characteristics,

  4. Loading hole

  5. Drilling pattern,

  6. Initiation timing

and gives you as output the expected blasting effects such as fragmentation distribution, vibration map and fly rock distance.
    - You are able to select the best design to achieve your objectives
       - Save cost in replacing field try & error process by digital
try & error simulation

Blasting Simulation for a Million Dollar Benefit


I-Blast SIM combines 
cutting-edge features with powerful technology of
X-Blast SImulator to deliver a unique blast design solution for the mining industry

all included 
14 000 €

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The predicting blast design effect tool for mining engineers!

Is perfect for mining engineers looking for a more efficient alternative to standard statistics predicting models when designing a blast. With an powerful simulation engine running advanced blasting mechanisms, I-Blast Simulation delivers incredible readable and realistic output for vibration, fragmentation distribution and fly-rock to avoid you surprises at blasting time.

New features include vibration map, fragmentation distribution of the whole blast, fly-rock prediction.

By designing a successful blast 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams will save time in avoiding field trials and errors : you will achieve your production objectives quickly saving time and money !

Seamless  upgrade between version
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 No extra shipping cost
Fragmentation simulation
Obtain the fragmentation distribution of the whole blast

 Average frag. distribution 
 Min frag. distribution
 Max frag. distribution 
 Selected hole frag. distribution
Vibration map
Obtain an iso-vibration map around the blast 

 Amplification factor maps
 Amplification factor value
 By dominant frequency

DNA-Blast : a unique technology
to assess blasting design

Fly Rock range
Obtain Fly-rock range for any hole of the blast

 free face
 Bench profil
 Stemming ejection
Interested in I-Blast SIM 7
for never unexpected blasting surprises

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 Advanced blasting module
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