I-Blast PRO(Professional)


I-Blast PRO (Professional) includes I-Blast DESIGN EXPRESS features plus:

  1. Bullet- cast module that is a powerful tool that allocates
        automatically timing based on a initiation point and inter hole delay and inter row delay expressed in ms/m
        (rock response time)

and allows to do analysis on blast design such as :

  1. BulletSignature Hole processing (optional)
    (automatic inter row and inter hole delay selection, works with shock tube, electric and electronic detonators, PPV any where performed by linear superposition)

  2. BulletOne Hole Fragmentation simulation (optional)
    (parameters : burden, spacing, face profile, hole loading, geology)

  3. BulletOne Hole Cast simulation (optional)
    (parameters : burden, spacing, face profile, hole loading, geology)

  4. BulletAir Blast simulation (optional)

  5. Bullet3D Initiation sequence preview

  6. BulletVisualization of waves interferences

  7. BulletHole per Delay analysis

  8. BulletDeck per Delay analysis

  9. BulletCharge per delay analysis

  10. BulletAttenuation law calculation

  11. BulletPPV estimation
    (based on charge per delay and attenuation law)

  12. BulletSeismic Analysis
    (Compliance module, dominant frequency calculation)

  13. BulletCost analysis

  14. BulletDrilling Audit

Detail Functionality of I-Blast PRO:

  1. BulletTiming Display module is a tool that helps you to visualize your initiation sequence:
        - Visualize initiation sequence development
        - Play sequence forward and backward
        - Display timing contours in a color mode and / or    
        animated mode
        - Display P-wave interferences in slow or accelerate mode

  1. BulletTiming Analysis module is a tool that helps you to figure out potential adverse effect of your initiation sequence:
        - Analyse overlaps and minimun inter hole delay
        - Calculate charge per delay versus time
        - Calculate dominant frequency

  1. BulletPPV Forecast module helps you to predict PPV on selected points based on standard attenuation law
        - Time envelop available
        - Charge per delay versus time
        - Attenuation law evaluation (K, alpha)

  1. BulletVibration Analysis module (optional)
        - import vibration records
        - FFT analysis
        - Automatic dominant frequency analysis
        - Filter any channel (low pass, high pass, band pass)
        - Single hole trace analysis (PPV versus inter hole delay)
        - Compliance module (USBM, DIN, French)

  2. BulletSignature Hole module (optional)
        - Automatic Inter Hole Delay calculation
        - Automatic Inter Row Delay calculation
        - Automatic timing design on lay out
        - PPV anywhere by linear superposition

  3. BulletOne Hole fragmentation module (optional)
        - Predict fragmentation distribution
        - Raw data distribution display
        - Rozin-Ramler fitted distribution
        - Compare several fragmentation simulation

  4. BulletOne Hole cast module (optional)
        - Predict cast of front row
        - Display cast
        - Display ejection speed
        - Muck pile prediction

  5. BulletAir Blast prediction (optional)
        - Predict dB at any location
        - Visualize air blast wave interferences
        - Parameters (air temperature, wind speed and direction)

  6. BulletDrilling Audit module helps you manage your loading operation on field
        - import actual hole depth and elevation
        - display hole depth versus elevation
        - display expected grade level
        - calculate back filing
        - display statistic (min, max, mean)
        - 2D Energy distribution Map

  7. BulletCost Analysis module helps you to understand the various cost of your blast and displays:
        - drilling cost per m3
        - explosive cost per m3
        - initiation cost per m3
        - labor cost per m3
        - engineering cost per m3

  1. BulletCloud of Points management:
        - import .ply, .fsc files
        - cut and clean cloud of points
        - 2D profiles from cloud of points



The all-in-one blast design tool for professionals!

Is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to standard Excel spread sheet when analysing a blast design. With an powerful visual interface loaded with pre-rigged analysis functionalities, I-Blast Professional delivers advanced analysis tools to speed up your workflow and design more efficient blasts.

New features include Advanced Signature Wave processing, fragmentation simulation, cast and air blast prediction, Charge per delay analysis, PPV prediction, interferences preview, cost analysis module, drilling audit,


I-Blast PRO combines 
cutting-edge features with powerful technology to deliver a unique blast design solution for the mining industry

all included 
9 900 €
Seamless  upgrade between version
Order your upgrade and receive by mail your upgrade code that will upgrade your version.

 No extra shipping cost
3D Timing sequence visualisation
Design any initiation sequence whatever accessories used:

 Shock tube dets
 Electric dets
 Electronic dets
Timing sequence analysis
Get aware of the negative effect of initiation sequence

 Charge per delay
 Charge per hole
PPV forecast
Predict PPV on any distance around the blast

Design & Analyze your design 10 times faster

By designing a blast 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams can save time every day and invest it in production follow up or management : you are more efficient !

Vibration analysis
Any standard analysis available
(frequency, filtering, compliance)
Signature Hole Analysis
Automatic Inter Hole & Inter Row delay calculation form signature hole
Cost analysis
Follow and manage your blasting cost  

 Versatile graph
 Cost control
 Key figures
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Fragmentation module
Simulate, Compare & Measure fragmentation
Cast module
Predict Cast, Muck Pile shape
Air Blast module
Predict Air Blast at any location
Training program
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 Advanced blasting module
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