I-Blast STD (Standard) is a blast design software.

This software offer the range of all standard features needed for blast design :

  1. BulletDrilling pattern

  2. BulletLoaded hole

  3. BulletTiming design

  4. BulletWiring

  5. BulletExporting

  6. BulletData Base management

Design blasts, Organize your information,
produce field documents or reports

Functionalities of I-Blast DESIGN EXPRESS:

  1. BulletDrilling Pattern module offer all standard features you need to create a drilling pattern
        - create holes with burden and spacing
        - staggered pattern
        - move holes in X,Y direction
        - rotate hole clock wise or anti clock wise
        - stretch pattern
        - import existing pattern on any text format
        - and more   

  2. BulletLoading Hole allows to create hole template with all kind of configurations:
        - bulk explosive
        - cartridge explosive
        - stemming (aggregate or drilled chips)
        - multi deck configuration
        - top or bottom priming
        - cord priming
        - air decking

  1. BulletTiming module is a tool that help you to design your initiation sequence:
        - hole to hole wiring with inter hole delay
        (allows any type of non-electric, electric or electronic
        initiation sequence)
        - initiation sequence viewer that displays initiation
         development and timing contours in a color mode

  1. BulletDatabase storage: all your blasting information is stored in a database and organize per site

  2. -Blast date and time

  3. -Blast design

  4. -Blasting results such as vibration records, fragmentation distribution, photos or videos

  5. -SItes

  6. -geology

  7. -Explosive

  8. -Loading hole templates

  9. -Cloud of points

  10. BulletDisplay: various options are  available to visualize your design:

  11. -Holes only

  12. -Hole center

  13. -Hole number

  14. -Hole surface timing

  15. -In hole timing

  16. -hole wiring

  17. -hole movement

  18. -hole timing contour

  19. -and more....


I-Blast DESIGN EXPRESS combines 
cutting-edge features with powerful technology to deliver a unique blast design solution for the mining industry

I-Blast DESIGN EXPRESS for 1 500 €

I-Blast D.E. is delivered on a USB Key or by download
Run I-Blast D.E. on any computer with
Minimum specifications:
Dual core processor, 2 Go RAM
2 Go free space on hard Drive
Powerful CAD system
for drilling pattern
Any configuration from a standard 1 row, 1 deck blast to the most complicated drilling pattern with multiple decks.

 Obtain with few clicks your design
 no number of holes limitation
 No deck limitation
Unique timing module
Design any initiation sequence whether you use:

 Shock tube dets
 Electric dets
 Electronic dets
Organize your blasting information
Automatic saved function in data base

 No lost data

By designing a blast 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams can save time every day and invest it in production follow up or management : you are more efficient !

Design your blast 10 times faster with


Create and manage your blast design

The quick and affordable way to create blast design, I-Blast Standard is the ideal solution for blaster or mining engineers. Create your own blast design using versatile tools. Easily import surveyed drilling pattern from from standard survey programs or just use the included pre-built content to get started fast!

New features include a new user interface, database management, editing documentation, timing sequence exportation for Electronic Delayed Detonators, share design by email, US Imperial units,...

Buy Now I-Blast DESIGN EXPRESS for more efficient blast design


Once your payment received by email your download and licence code
Training program
The best way to be up to speed

 Dedicated module per version
 Advanced blasting module
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