I-Blast ADV(Advanced)


I-Blast ADV (Advanced) includes I-Blast STD, I-Blast PRO and SIM. It allows to optimize the effect of a blast design such as:

  1. BulletVibration

  2. BulletFragmentation

  3. BulletFly rock

  4. Bulletand more...

By optimizing every day your blasts 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams will save time in avoiding field trials and errors : you will achieve your production objectives quickly saving time and money !


The optimizing blast design tool for a million dollar benefit!

A unique reverse engineering tool for mining engineers looking for optimizing blast on a daily basis. With the «Objective To Design,» concept, I-Blast Advanced delivers optimized initiation sequence for Electronic Delayed Detonators based on required objectives (fragmentation, vibration, muck pile shape) to help you to maximize your profit or you savings link to blasting. Imagine the benefits of having a better fragmentation, less vibration, controlled fly-rock or more stable slope...

New features include combined objectives, stemming and  burden adjustment, single hole extraction.

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I-Blast ADV combines 
cutting-edge features with powerful technology of
X-Blast SImulator to deliver a unique blast design solution for the mining industry

I-Blast ADV is dedicated for Electronic Detonator Use

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Initiation Sequence Optimization
Obtain the best initiation sequence to achieve your objective

 fragmentation distribution
 vibration level
 muck pile shape
  1. BulletDNA-Blast software is able to guide you in automatically designing initiation sequence to match your vibration level or fragmentation requirement.
            - Benefit of using EDD becomes a day to day reality

  1. BulletDNA-Blast technology uses seismic data automatically provided by sensors to feed the DNA-blast model. So on a daily basis you will have the most effective design for your blast.

  1. BulletDNA-Blast model has been validated using tens of international papers data and field feedback that guaranties the reliability of the design provided.

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Blasting Optimization for a Million Dollar Benefit