When Vibrations Matter


Design Your Best Shot

When Cast Matters

I-Blast 7 software allows to import XYZ cloud of points of complex geometry acquired by the most recent equipment (2D and 3D lazer, drones). Using its advanced technology based on physics, it simulates precisely cast and fly rocks to make you confortable with highly critical shot.

When Fragmentation Matters

I-Blast 7 software uses one of the most advanced fragmentation model based on P wave physics to accurately predict fragmentation distribution. Combined with DNA-Frag technologie to measure fragmentation distribution based an digital photo analysis, it offers the most versatile tools to optimize fragmentation process by blasting.

I-Blast 7 software automatically processes seismic records acquired by any type of seismograph using its innovative technology based purely on physics. And converts your seismic data into highly precise timing for Electronic Delayed Detonators and keep vibration under control (up to 75 % reduction, read more)

When Documents Matter

I-Blast 7 software provides a professional editing document system. Doing the right impression the first time is key for business. Moreover when safety could be affected by a misreading information, I-Blast software offers a seamless way to produce clear professional blast design and simulation report.

Choosing the right I-Blast for you

I-Blast Design Expres

Create and manage your blast design

The quick and affordable way to create blast design, I-Blast Design Expres is the ideal solution for blaster or mining engineers. Create your own blast design using versatile tools. Easily import surveyed drilling pattern from from standard survey programs or just use the included pre-built content to get started fast and edit professional blast design documents.

I-Blast PRO

The all-in-one blast design tool for professionals!

Is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to standard Excel spread sheet when analysing a blast design. With an powerful visual interface loaded with pre-rigged analysis functionalities, I-Blast Professional delivers advanced analysis tools to speed up your workflow and design more efficient blasts.

I-Blast ADV

The predicting blast design effect tool for mining engineers!

Is perfect for mining engineers looking for a more efficient alternative to standard statistics predicting models when designing a blast. With an powerful simulation engine running advanced blasting mechanisms, I-Blast Simulation delivers incredible readable and realistic output for vibration, fragmentation distribution and fly-rock to avoid you surprises at blasting time.

Good reasons to choose I-Blast software


When Productivity is key !

I-Blast 7 allows CHAVIMOCHIC consortium  to design blast for all tunnels of the project and guaranty a 95% advance. This save time and money for the whole project.

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