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Tutorial I-Blast

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Tutorial I-Blast

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I-Blast Software - My first Design

PC Edition version 3.0 and higher

I - Login with your Login and Password

You reach the following window:

II -Define your site

Click on Site button

You reach the following window: :

Click on modify button

You reach the following window:

Change site name and add a photo by clicking in the image field.

Validate your change with the modify button.

III -Create a new blast design

Click on Site button

A new line appears in the table and is selected.

Then click on Design Button and you reach your Design environment:

Select on the Design menu, the “Create hole option”

In the pop up window adjust your parameters (i.e. 2 rows, 10 holes)

Then click on Add button and move your mouse on the background. A grey rectangle with the shape of your pattern appears.

Now click where you want to drop the holes and close the pop up window.

Then click on the No Zoom button

To display hole default initiation timing, selection Display/Holes/Inter Hole Delay menu