I-Blast Software


I-Blast Software - Create an account

PC Edition version 3.0 and higher

I.Create an account

Click on I-Blast_7.exe file

Select Create an account tab and fill with your email address. then click on NEW button.

Your account is created and your default passord is PASSWORD

Then accept terms and conditions pas validating the check box, the login and password field appears

Fill login with your email address jean.dupont@mail.com) and password with “PASSWORD”. Press Enter.

The following window pop up

You Change your login to a more practical one and change your password to secure your account.

Then select “My licence” tab and click on the button

A request is sent by email to TBT.

You will then receive by email your access code:

Copy and paste the code in I-Blast  account window, licence tab and press register button

Your account is now activated.