1. Bullet STS provides advanced technical services to the drilling, blasting, construction and mining industries in the U.S.

  2. Bullet STS customer in this case: a quarry in Virginia. STS has a successful track record in other sites of the group.

  3. Bullet Previous shots at 6-10 inches in this part of the quarry close to power lines (<150 feet)


  1. BulletReduce vibration below 2.00 in/s at close power lines (less than 150 feet)

  2. BulletShoot full column, 74 feet face
    with 6.5 inch holes
    and no decking

  3. BulletQuarry management stipulation that STS could NOT do a signature hole



  1. Bullet I took one of their blasts from two years ago (with digital dets) and a seismic waveform,

  2. BulletI entered all the data including some very detailed rock info that the quarry got for me

  3. BulletI “deconvoluted” the signature hole based on the blast using DNA-Blast software corresponding module

  4. BulletI shot the second shot at the Quarry using the Derived Signature Hole Waveform.

Initial stage:
100% shots> 9.00 in/s



  1. Bullet Shot 1 (April 13): Seismograph readings reduced by 50% (From over 9.00 in/s to 4.26 in/s

  2. Bullet Shot 2 (June 16): I re-analyzed the data using the seismograph info from shot 1 and the shot today: the readings were reduced another 50% from before and this shot was closer and more holes.

  3. Bullet Blasting is now routinely performed and more reserves accessed due to the fact that vibration is well controlled. 

Bigger & closer shots 
PPV < 2.00 in/s

-75% Vibration