1. Bullet Creating constructive interferences between hole in a row. This is creating more damage in the blasting area ans also some pre conditioning of the rock.

  2. Bullet P wave was measured and timing computed by QUALISHOT to create constructive interferences.

  3. Bullet Use of accurate electronic detonator to implement the timing

  4. Bullet Digital image fragmentation measurement and time to muck the blast was use to measure performances.

Initial stage:
50 % passing size at 1”


Blasts were done with DeltaDet 1 Electronic Detonators and QUALISHOT* software was used to determine the best initiation sequence.

The mine expected a 25 M USD saving per year on if this could be achieved on a daily basis !

Today DNA-blast Software is able to do it automatically.

*QUALISHOT was the first module of DNA-Blast Software