Blasting Optimization


If you have already experienced one of this blasting situation...

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Wrong Fragmentation

Vibration Issue

Fly Rock Problems

Slope Stability Issue

Air Blast Issue

Unexpected result

Your company could certainly benefit from our experience and advanced technologie to improve or fix your situation in a very short time !.

To know if we can help you, you can quickly answer to the followings questions :

  1. Bullet I don’t know precisely what is wrong in my process

  2. Bullet I don’t know precisely where something goes wrong in my process

  3. Bullet I don’t know precisely when something gets wrong in my process

  4. Bullet I know what to improve but I don’t know how to improve it

  5. Bullet I know what and how to  improve but I don’t have time to do it

  6. Bullet I know what and how to  improve but I don’t have the tools to do it

  7. Bullet I know what to improve but my people are not trained for that

If you have check one of the above, we can certainly help you.

  1. BulletProviding DNA-Blast Software to help you find the right parameters of your blast design

DNA-Blast Software is an advanced blasting effect simulator that predicts the outcome of a blast depending on more than 40 key parameters. This is the perfect tool for blasting optimization as you can predict the impact on any change in the design.


Our objective : to provide you with a dedicated advanced software to design and optimize a blast.

Your benefit : Your blasting crew will be able to design a blast according to your requirement, digitally predict the effect of the design to check it. No more field try and error ! SAVE TIME AND MONEY.

  1. BulletManaging your blasting process to let you focus on mining activity and guaranty your blasting efficiency.

Our Blasting Management Service includes a day to day blasting design by our team in cooperation with your blasting crew. We’ll use all of our experience, expertise and advanced tools to provide you the best design to reach your production and environmental objectives.


Our objective : To provide you with on a daily basis optimized blast design to achieve your production and environmental objectives.

Your benefit : Your are focus on your core business (mining) and you have an expert team dedicated to design your blast.

  1. BulletAuditing your blasting process to find where and what to improve !

Our field engineers have a huge blasting experience and understanding of the blasting mechanisms and mining activity. They will come to listen to your blasting crew to analyse your situation.

They will use the advanced DNA-Blast audit tool to support their analysis.


Our objective : to provide a readable analysis of your process with improvement guideline validated by your blasting crew.

Your benefit : seamless implementation of improvement by your blasting crew and you’ll be able to measure the benefit quickly.