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Unique Blast Design, Simulation and Optimization SoftwareI-Blast_7.html
Reduce vibration down by 70%!
Listen to John BabcokCase_Study/Entries/2010/6/29_SIGNIFICANT_VIBRATION_REDUCTION_IN_A_QUARRY_ENVIRONMENT.html
And find the version in line with your needs.I-Blast_7.html

Drone service for 3D Modeling or Inspection

Blasting 1 Million tons at 205 meters from a town!
Listen to John G.Gagnon and T. BernardCase_Study/Entries/2012/11/4_CANADA_-_BLASTING_1_MILLION_TONS_at_205_meters_from_a_town.html
We support you in killing your challenges ! http://www.tbtech.fr/Minage_Simulations_Optimisation/I-Blast_7_FR.html
Our drones ready to support your project https://www.isee.org/conferences/2017-conference
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